This Room Contained a Scandal for the President

I was invited to an informal party of about 150 at the Obama residence in Chicago. I met people and had fun. I seemed to be part of a coterie around the president of sort of interns. The daughters were sleeping over at a friend’s house. I didn’t see Michelle, but I assume she was there. I toured the house, unescorted, which I was worried about. It did not really resemble the actual Chicago house i’ve seen in pictures. It was nicely appointed, upper middle class. A large home but not a mansion. I walked into one part that had an indoor swimming pool with white tile like a gym that seemed to be an add on the the house. Then I went out front and approached the president’s car. A couple other people where at the front of the car fiddling with what turned out to be a secret compartment by one of the headlights. The whole thing was like a James bond gadget. Inside was found a key to a secret room. Somehow it was known that this room contained a scandal for the president. Secret service called for the party to end and escorted folks out and much press arrived out front. I was back inside and spoke to the president who was distracted with advisors. I said, “you know the problem won’t be what’s in the room because it’s probably nothing so bad. It will be the speculation that it churns up in your political foes.” he sort of nodded without making eye contact like he didn’t really need inexpert advice at quite that moment. That’s what I remember. Being a very big admirer of the real Obama, I hope it wasn’t a premonition, lol.

From a 47-year old male art director in Michigan, September 6, 2010.

How did he feel about the dream when he woke up?  “I thought it was cool. I think I had it because he is such a “Teflon” president it’s natural to look for a crack.”

Has it influenced his views of Obama one way or another? “Not a bit. I have total trust.”

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