Lucid Dreaming About an Obama Dream Website

  I have had several dreams already of (I actually don’t know how to say!), Obama. This latest was the most amusing. He was sitting at a folding table in something like a community center, arms gently folded, smiling a little. I said, “I’ve had dreams about you before.” Then I knew I was dreaming, a lucid dream. I sat down and said, “You know, there is a site where everyone can tell their dreams of you”. He slid his cell phone across the table with a laconic smile and said, “call ’em.” Then we both started laughing.

From a 64-year old male, a cabinet maker and poet from, in late December 2010

A political Independent who considers himself liberal, he said that when he awoke he felt “very good in so many ways; the joke, the lucid dream, the closeness to a man I do not know except in dreams and books.” 

The dream comes full circle!