He Loses His Temper

551ceaefe802201547_lbm6bh3agI dreamed that President Obama and the First Lady were doing a TV interview. They were older, both had more grey hair and both had put on weight. Michelle was not as glamorous as we’re used to seeing her–she was wearing her hair kind of puffy–straight back, exposing a lot of curly grey edges. As the interview progressed, Barack’s breathing was a little uneven. He apologized and said that he had just come back from playing basketball. But then he began to hyperventilate really badly. The scene became tense. Michelle was so upset that it looked like she was about to cry because it looked as if Barack was about to have a heart attack. She turned to him and asked something along the lines of, “I don’t understand… Why would you do this? Why would you play basketball so soon before this interview?” Barack became very irritated and snapped back and said that it was the only time he had available to play. When they return in the next segment, Obama apologizes to his wife and the audience for losing his temper.

From a 29-year old woman in January of 2009