He Tells Me We’re Under Terrorist Attack

I was away from home on a trip down in the states – NY I think? And I had no loved ones with me but in the dream, I knew this and it was alright. I had a sense of urgency to get to a baseball game (I don’t even watch baseball) and when I arrived at the stadium, Barack Obama was waiting for me and we entered the stadium together. We chatted freely as if we were old friends while we were trying to get to our seats. As we were going up to our seats, I realized that we were on a window-washing pulley which Barack Obama was pulling to get us to our seats. Just as we arrived to our seats and I took my jacket off, Barack puts his hand on my shoulder and stops me to say “I think we’re under terrorist attack” and we get back into the pulley thing. Just as we were descending, he said that it was going too slow and to get ready to jump because he was going to rock the pulley thing. Before I could get a grip on anything, he rocks it and tells me to jump and so I did. We both landed with a roll on the 4th floor balcony. He helps me up and tells me to stay where I am because he was going to do something and took off like an action hero out of an action film. I didn’t stay put because I felt like I needed to get to a payphone and call my girlfriend (I had a cell phone but I had left my jacket on our seats – this I recall) so I found my way out of the stadium, meanwhile thinking why isn’t the stadium full of people? And where is Barack Obama’s security detail? I managed to find my out to a nearby neighborhood where I found a row of payphones which were quite dirty, and found one that was somewhat clean. I picked up the receiver and looked at the instructions for a collect call. What I found instead was a list of instructions on how to make a call in Cantonese, Spanish, French, and German. I recall thinking “What the hell?” in the dream. And before I made my call, I woke up.

From a 32-year old Canadian woman, a dancer, on January 16, 2010

The dreamer says she woke up feeling confused by the dream.  A very liberal person politically, she says it made no impact on her view of Obama.

This is a relatively long and action-packed dream.  Though I don’t know for sure, it sounds like a typical REM dream, very kinesthetic, detailed, and lively.  At the same time, dreams like this may be more frequent for dancers than for less physically active and talented people.

The Christmas Day bomb attempt on a Detroit-bound airplane put President Obama back in the spotlight as America’s leader in the fight against terrorism.  The event also reminded everyone of 9/11 and their own vulnerability to such an attack.  The heightened public attention to terrorism in mid-January of 2010 may be echoing in this dream.

The strange window-washing pulley system is a marvelous dream fabrication, with no clear-cut meaning but many metaphorical possibilities.  Perhaps it refers to cleaning people’s views on the world?  Or standing on the outside looking in?  Or being in a precarious position, in danger of falling? 

The setting inside an empty baseball stadium is even more incongruous.  As the dreamer suggests, it’s the kind of thing one might find as a set-up for a superhero movie sequence. 

As in many dreams of Obama, the dreamer imagines having a special relationship with him.  Here, it’s friendly chatting and a kindly hand on the shoulder, plus the superhero protection.

When Obama leaves, the dreamer seems lost.  Her attempts to communicate with her friend fail, and the dream ends on a note of cognitive disarray.