Androgynous Obama Down Under

I was at my dead grandparents house which was selected in a competition to be visited by Barack Obama in Adelaide, Australia. I couldn’t believe we had been chosen and when he arrived with his entourage and security it was a sight to behold. He entered the house and talked to me and then we went to the bedroom and sat and talked some more he sounded genuinely interested in me. Then with the door open he laid down and pulled out a breast, I couldn’t believe it, was this a man or a women? Then I started to suck on his breast before I knew what I was doing. Then we walked out to the lounge room and we were surrounded by security from both outside and inside the house wanting to know what had taken place in the room. Then Barack Obama and entourage left and it was all over. What was the most striking part of the dream which I’m not sure whether it was the beginning or the end, was his face up strickingly (sic) close to mine and his current appearance had changed to that of a grotesque figure.

From a 47-year old Australian male bridge inspector, on May 9, 2011

A political liberal, he said the dream has impacted the way he looks at Obama (although without specifying how).  After he woke up from the dream he felt “somewhat disturbed and in ore [awe?] of the reality of it. The dream was so real I searched for a similar dream and couldn’t believe it, that under the title Barack Obama dreams the first one to come up was someone’s dream in a similar vain in an elevator with him filling two bottles of milk from a breast pump.”

This dream starts with a typical “Obama as Friend” theme, transposed to an international setting.  But then it takes a sharp turn into the bizarre with a “grotesque,” androgynous Obama laying down on a bed and baring a female breast, from which the dreamer suddenly begins sucking, whether sexually or to nurse is unclear.  The dreamer’s association to a similar dream suggests a maternal meaning.  

Obama as nurturer of world hopes?  or, Obama as womanish, boundary-violating freak?

This Room Contained a Scandal for the President

I was invited to an informal party of about 150 at the Obama residence in Chicago. I met people and had fun. I seemed to be part of a coterie around the president of sort of interns. The daughters were sleeping over at a friend’s house. I didn’t see Michelle, but I assume she was there. I toured the house, unescorted, which I was worried about. It did not really resemble the actual Chicago house i’ve seen in pictures. It was nicely appointed, upper middle class. A large home but not a mansion. I walked into one part that had an indoor swimming pool with white tile like a gym that seemed to be an add on the the house. Then I went out front and approached the president’s car. A couple other people where at the front of the car fiddling with what turned out to be a secret compartment by one of the headlights. The whole thing was like a James bond gadget. Inside was found a key to a secret room. Somehow it was known that this room contained a scandal for the president. Secret service called for the party to end and escorted folks out and much press arrived out front. I was back inside and spoke to the president who was distracted with advisors. I said, “you know the problem won’t be what’s in the room because it’s probably nothing so bad. It will be the speculation that it churns up in your political foes.” he sort of nodded without making eye contact like he didn’t really need inexpert advice at quite that moment. That’s what I remember. Being a very big admirer of the real Obama, I hope it wasn’t a premonition, lol.

From a 47-year old male art director in Michigan, September 6, 2010.

How did he feel about the dream when he woke up?  “I thought it was cool. I think I had it because he is such a “Teflon” president it’s natural to look for a crack.”

Has it influenced his views of Obama one way or another? “Not a bit. I have total trust.”

A Picture with the Queen of England

I had attended some kind of elaborate world political event at Buckingham Palace with my family. I was standing in a room on an upper floor with large floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over an ornate garden where various world political figures were observing the Queen of England giving an important speech. After the speech was over, the world leaders who had been in the garden were coming inside Buckingham Palace and they were walking through the room where we had been watching the speech. At first, my mom chased down the Queen, who was wearing a purple dress, and was able to have a picture taken with her. I was so excited by her having done this, thinking how cool it would be to have a picture with the Queen. After everyone was gone, I found myself alone in the large room. I saw Obama, dressed in a white shirt and tie with black pants and shoes, come through a side door with his entourage and I yelled out “Mr. Obama, can I have my picture taken with you?” I was really nervous at first because I was not sure if I would be allowed to take the picture with Obama due to the secret service personnel. He told them to go away and come back later and he said he would be more than happy to take a photo with me. At that point, I felt thrilled to be able to do this. I was having trouble with the digital camera, so Obama took a look at it and he was able to get it working! We took several photos and eventually Obama began making silly faces at the camera as we took photos! He began to act goofy, just like we were best friends hanging out. At one point, Obama began to break dance and he allowed me to take pictures of him while he was dancing. We talked for a long time and I felt so excited to be hanging out with the President of the United States. Eventually, Obama said he was really disappointed that he had to go, but he said if he didn’t, the Secret Service would be angry with him, and then I woke up.

From a 26-year old U.S. History teacher in Tennessee, July 18, 2010

The dreamer enjoyed the dream and said, “I felt really happy to have had such a cool experience, even though it wasn’t real.”  A liberal Democrat male, he thought the dream had somewhat changed his view of the President:  “It made me see Obama more as a human being or ‘average guy.'”

The Queen of England’s recent visit to the US, where she spoke to the United Nations General Assembly on July 6, very likely influenced the setting of this dream.  The symbolic grandeur of a true Queen speaking to the United Nations, the embodiment of an ideal global community, certainly provides potent raw material for the dreaming imagination.  We might expect a teacher of U.S. History to be especially sensitive to the impact of such momentous events.

Obama’s friendly presence in the dream suggests that he may, at one level, represent for the dreamer a personal sense of connection to that collective realm of political idealism.  The playful, surprisingly competent figure of Obama mediates between the dreamer’s individual reality and an idealized collective reality.  Obama is the President of the US and the most powerful man in the world, but he is also a goofy dancer who’s an average guy just like the dreamer.