Exercising with Obama

I dreamed that Obama and I were next door neighbors in very large beautiful homes. He came over to my house and wanted to use my exercise equipment. But for some reason all of my equipment was unreachable hanging from a high ceiling or wall. He said it was OK then he went to his house. Later on I went to his house which turned into the White House to tell him I found some equipment. I was able to walk right pass security without being searched. It was as if they knew me. I could see through the opened door that he was busy on the phone in the Oval Office. So I left. On the way down the stairs there were black women my age looking at me with disgust as if I was his mistress or something but Michele walked right past me, then casually looked back to say, “Hey girl, y’all gon work out again together today? You know he loves to work out with you.” Then I woke up.

From a 43-year old woman, an executive assistant in Chicago, Illinois, on January 26, 2011.

She said, “While dreaming it felt real. I felt honored to be in their presence. When I woke up I felt like it was a sign that my social circle was about to change for the better.”

A very liberal person politically, she said the dream is consistent with her waking views of Obama: “I’ve always admired and respected him.  If anything, I like both of them even more so now.”

Her interpretation of the dream as reflecting personal hopes for a better social life makes sense.  In that view President Obama symbolizes a friendly agent of change, someone who can help her strengthen her relationships.  Michelle’s blessing (rather than tension as in other people’s dreams of the First Couple) of their exercise–a major waking world priority of the First Lady’s– is further affirmation of that encouraging feeling. 

If I were the dreamer I’d be curious about the disgusted black women.  Who are they, and why don’t they like my friendship with Obama?  What are they doing there anyway? 


A Golden, Angelic Light

imagesThis was a fly-on-the-wall type of dream, where I was only an observer.  It was very short and very intense, like a snapshot burned on my mind.  President and Mrs. Obama were standing in the Oval Office, standing on the carpet with the eagle emblem on it,  facing each other and smiling.   They weren’t embracing, but were holding onto each other’s elbows.   They were so happy — and they were glowing with a golden, angelic light.  It was a very powerful image.

From a married woman, in January 2009

She explains: “I was telling my husband about this dream, and he said he also has dreamed of Barack Obama recently.   Pretty amazing, considering we are a middle-aged white couple who voted for President Obama, but we did not attribute any angelic or metaphysical meaning to him occupying the White House (at least not consciously) …  I have no idea what this means or why I dreamed it — but after I heard about your website, I thought what the heck, I’ll share it.”

Of all the Obama dreams we have gathered with mystical or spiritually meaningful qualities, this one has perhaps the most classical symbolic expression of what Obama’s rise to the Presidency has meant to his followers.  The “golden, angelic light” connects the dream to mystical visions and Christian iconography, while the central position (on the eagle-emblem carpet) in the Oval Office suggests a mandala, i.e. an archetypal image of wholeness.  As shown by many other dreams, Michelle Obama figures prominently as a vital companion of Barack’s and a powerful woman in her own right.   In this dream their bond takes on aspects of a sacred marriage, or heiros gamos, which symbolizes cosmic union and harmony.

Such is the weight of idealization Obama has carried through his first year in office.