I Can’t Hear What Obama Is Saying

I was in my house in my dad’s bedroom (he lives with me and my family). I was looking in a mirror. I was actually pulling my bottom teeth out. (Go figure!) Suddenly Obama walks in and looks around the room … sits on the bed and talks to me … I did not hear what he was talking about, but at that moment i noticed gold caps on my pulled out teeth and was very curious about that. I do not have gold in my mouth. He was talking to my dad about something which still there was no sound for me to understand what he was saying. Then I walked out of the room to my bedroom and started worrying about my facial features without teeth. Then Obama walked into My bedroom and looked around then sat down again on my bed. I still did not hear what he was saying but began wondering about what his wife would say if she knew he was in my house…I woke up then.

From a 44-year old Connecticut woman, a caregiver for her disabled husband, on April 30, 2011.

She felt “curious” about the dream when she woke up, but it didn’t change her views about Obama (she is not registered to vote and said “other” when asked to describe her political ideology).  Perhaps the dream reflects her waking attitude towards Obama–she doesn’t hear anything she says.  He does enter her personal space, though, a possible boundary-violation which gets her attention.

Her focus is on her teeth and facial appearance, compared to which a personal visit from the President is far less meaningful and important.  I don’t know any details about this woman’s life beyond this, but if she’s caring for a disabled husband plus an elderly father, she must lead a life full of service to others.  The dream might then reflect the challenge of balancing care of self vs. care of others. 

The gold is an intriguing detail, something that is not accurately representing waking reality.  Something of inner value?

If it were my dream, I’d wonder what my dad and Obama were talking about.  Does my dad have any opinions about Obama in waking life?  Is there a connection in terms of male authority?

Michelle Likes Horses, Not Dogs

“I was over the Obama’s for an evening – Barrack put his head on my lap and I ran my fingers through his hair comforting him. It was more loving and sweet then sexual. Michelle was there too and she shared her dirty little secret: “I really don’t like dogs, I’d much rather have two horses now that I’m in the White House”.  The house was a plain suburban home, and the feeling of the dream was friendly and neighborly.”

From a 52-year old female nurse in Washington state, on February 5, 2011.

She said the dream made her feel happy when she woke up: “I really enjoyed this dream–it made me laugh.”

A liberal Democrat, she said the dream matches her waking life attitude towards the President: “I’ve always liked Obama and I still do.”

The physical intimacy and friendliness here reminds me of some of the dreams women had of Bill Clinton, with situations that might seem sexual but are specifically described by the dreamers as non-sexual.  Their emphasis is on the close interpersonal bond with the President, a feeling that’s continuous with the dreamer’s political views in waking life.

In this dream Michelle Obama displays no jealousy or disapproval of the dreamer’s behavior.  On the contrary, the First Lady takes the dreamer into her confidence and shares a “dirty little secret.”  It’s hard to say what this is about without the dreamer’s associations, but it sounds to me like a sly commentary on the private desires hidden behind Michelle Obama’s public persona.

Exercising with Obama

I dreamed that Obama and I were next door neighbors in very large beautiful homes. He came over to my house and wanted to use my exercise equipment. But for some reason all of my equipment was unreachable hanging from a high ceiling or wall. He said it was OK then he went to his house. Later on I went to his house which turned into the White House to tell him I found some equipment. I was able to walk right pass security without being searched. It was as if they knew me. I could see through the opened door that he was busy on the phone in the Oval Office. So I left. On the way down the stairs there were black women my age looking at me with disgust as if I was his mistress or something but Michele walked right past me, then casually looked back to say, “Hey girl, y’all gon work out again together today? You know he loves to work out with you.” Then I woke up.

From a 43-year old woman, an executive assistant in Chicago, Illinois, on January 26, 2011.

She said, “While dreaming it felt real. I felt honored to be in their presence. When I woke up I felt like it was a sign that my social circle was about to change for the better.”

A very liberal person politically, she said the dream is consistent with her waking views of Obama: “I’ve always admired and respected him.  If anything, I like both of them even more so now.”

Her interpretation of the dream as reflecting personal hopes for a better social life makes sense.  In that view President Obama symbolizes a friendly agent of change, someone who can help her strengthen her relationships.  Michelle’s blessing (rather than tension as in other people’s dreams of the First Couple) of their exercise–a major waking world priority of the First Lady’s– is further affirmation of that encouraging feeling. 

If I were the dreamer I’d be curious about the disgusted black women.  Who are they, and why don’t they like my friendship with Obama?  What are they doing there anyway? 


This Room Contained a Scandal for the President

I was invited to an informal party of about 150 at the Obama residence in Chicago. I met people and had fun. I seemed to be part of a coterie around the president of sort of interns. The daughters were sleeping over at a friend’s house. I didn’t see Michelle, but I assume she was there. I toured the house, unescorted, which I was worried about. It did not really resemble the actual Chicago house i’ve seen in pictures. It was nicely appointed, upper middle class. A large home but not a mansion. I walked into one part that had an indoor swimming pool with white tile like a gym that seemed to be an add on the the house. Then I went out front and approached the president’s car. A couple other people where at the front of the car fiddling with what turned out to be a secret compartment by one of the headlights. The whole thing was like a James bond gadget. Inside was found a key to a secret room. Somehow it was known that this room contained a scandal for the president. Secret service called for the party to end and escorted folks out and much press arrived out front. I was back inside and spoke to the president who was distracted with advisors. I said, “you know the problem won’t be what’s in the room because it’s probably nothing so bad. It will be the speculation that it churns up in your political foes.” he sort of nodded without making eye contact like he didn’t really need inexpert advice at quite that moment. That’s what I remember. Being a very big admirer of the real Obama, I hope it wasn’t a premonition, lol.

From a 47-year old male art director in Michigan, September 6, 2010.

How did he feel about the dream when he woke up?  “I thought it was cool. I think I had it because he is such a “Teflon” president it’s natural to look for a crack.”

Has it influenced his views of Obama one way or another? “Not a bit. I have total trust.”

Michelle at the 7-11

I dreamed that Michelle Obama was coming to my town and I took her to the 7-11 to buy some food, and she left the 7-11 without any food because she said their food choices there were unhealthy.

From a 53-year old liberal woman from Washington, in May 2010.

Perhaps a reflection of the First Lady’s campaign to promote healthy diets and fight childhood obesity?

A Red Colored Bed

Hello. My name is S__. I just had a dream an hour ago and decided to google. I came across this site.. This was my dream. The first scene was of Barack and I sitting on the edge of a red colored bed in a beautiful home. He was holding my face so gently and we were kissing softly on the lips. Our breathe was warm and it felt so passionate. My heart was beating. I could feel it through my chest. His eyes opened to look into mine. He gently started to kiss my pretty face on the cheeks eyelids and forehead all the while holding me. We went back to soft passionate lip kissing. Out of nowhere I slowly got up feeling loved, sexually arroused and nervous. I walked across this bedroom that was rich in colors of reds golds and whites. I ended up on the outside of the room but the doorway was wide so it was like I was still in there. My mother (who is softspoken and sweet) came out of nowhere passing me papers for school and softly telling me the rundown of some school program (I’m 40 and finished school). I was embarassed that she was doing this and started to speak loudly asking her why she does this. All the while looking out of the corner of my eye at Barack and caring how he must be thinking of me. My mother disapeared and I was now walking past Michelle (who had on a red or purple sleeveless dress) back over to Obama. I stood in front of him for a minute and watched his eyes and lips and was trying to figure out his thoughts. He seemed concerned and in love with me. Michelle was leaning forward to the side doing something on a table. I think she was setting the table. Next scene Barack and I are laying down and he is kissing me and holding me. I no longer see Michelle. I could smell him and feel the warmth of his breath. His hands were as soft as his lips. Earlier he had on a white shirt and black slacks. Now as we lay on the bed, he has on nothing but boxers and I am in a bra and panties. We just laid there kissing and holding each other looking into each others eyes and it felt so real. I felt at peace and so arroused. I then woke up to my phone ringing….

From a 40-year old female massage therapist in New York City.

She said, “I’d like to add that this is not the first dream I have had of him. I think it is about the 5th time now. Same sexual scenes but with less surrounding details and people. We had sex in one of them. Slow passionate sex. I felt the dream (as all the others) was nice. I wished it had continued. I felt like the dream was sent from his thoughts about me. That he dreams the same things about me and sends them to me when I’m sleeping. They just seem so vivid and real. Strange feelings. Just strange. This sounds creepy.”

Regarding the impact of the dream, she said “It has influenced me alot. As I said earlier I feel like we have a connection. That we are suppose to be together. Michelle forgive me if you ever read this. Please. I almost feel ashamed.”