He “Pushes” Them Into a Sleepy Trance

imagesCAD2AXO1I walk into a long wooden-floored building like a school house or community center. Obama is standing with others around a long table in the middle of the room. Everyone is arguing. He suddenly starts to glow with a white light, emanating first from his face but then expanding over his entire body and then enveloping the room in a quick blast. I am witnessing now as people are knocked over by the “push” and many fall into a sleepy trance-like state, slumped over one another on the floor. He helps a woman up who is overcome.

From a 34-year old male writer in California, December 23, 2009

The dreamer says when he awoke, “First, I laughed at having the quintessential Obama-spiritual dream. Then I felt both a sense of joy about the white light and also a sense of danger about the somnolent effect the light had on others.”

To the question of whether the dream had any impact on the way he looks at Obama, the dreamer says, “It made me realize I still carry projections about Obama as a savior of world politics. Also, I notice how the Obama trance in the dream could show how I have given up responsibility in following politics by believing so much in his power of redemption.”

Despite the emphasis on light, this dream portrays a shadow dimension to the widespread view of Obama as a spiritual guide and national savior.   As the dreamer himself recognizes, too much idealization can lead some people into a mindless trance that renders them incapable of acting for themselves.