A Red Colored Bed

Hello. My name is S__. I just had a dream an hour ago and decided to google. I came across this site.. This was my dream. The first scene was of Barack and I sitting on the edge of a red colored bed in a beautiful home. He was holding my face so gently and we were kissing softly on the lips. Our breathe was warm and it felt so passionate. My heart was beating. I could feel it through my chest. His eyes opened to look into mine. He gently started to kiss my pretty face on the cheeks eyelids and forehead all the while holding me. We went back to soft passionate lip kissing. Out of nowhere I slowly got up feeling loved, sexually arroused and nervous. I walked across this bedroom that was rich in colors of reds golds and whites. I ended up on the outside of the room but the doorway was wide so it was like I was still in there. My mother (who is softspoken and sweet) came out of nowhere passing me papers for school and softly telling me the rundown of some school program (I’m 40 and finished school). I was embarassed that she was doing this and started to speak loudly asking her why she does this. All the while looking out of the corner of my eye at Barack and caring how he must be thinking of me. My mother disapeared and I was now walking past Michelle (who had on a red or purple sleeveless dress) back over to Obama. I stood in front of him for a minute and watched his eyes and lips and was trying to figure out his thoughts. He seemed concerned and in love with me. Michelle was leaning forward to the side doing something on a table. I think she was setting the table. Next scene Barack and I are laying down and he is kissing me and holding me. I no longer see Michelle. I could smell him and feel the warmth of his breath. His hands were as soft as his lips. Earlier he had on a white shirt and black slacks. Now as we lay on the bed, he has on nothing but boxers and I am in a bra and panties. We just laid there kissing and holding each other looking into each others eyes and it felt so real. I felt at peace and so arroused. I then woke up to my phone ringing….

From a 40-year old female massage therapist in New York City.

She said, “I’d like to add that this is not the first dream I have had of him. I think it is about the 5th time now. Same sexual scenes but with less surrounding details and people. We had sex in one of them. Slow passionate sex. I felt the dream (as all the others) was nice. I wished it had continued. I felt like the dream was sent from his thoughts about me. That he dreams the same things about me and sends them to me when I’m sleeping. They just seem so vivid and real. Strange feelings. Just strange. This sounds creepy.”

Regarding the impact of the dream, she said “It has influenced me alot. As I said earlier I feel like we have a connection. That we are suppose to be together. Michelle forgive me if you ever read this. Please. I almost feel ashamed.”