I Can’t Hear What Obama Is Saying

I was in my house in my dad’s bedroom (he lives with me and my family). I was looking in a mirror. I was actually pulling my bottom teeth out. (Go figure!) Suddenly Obama walks in and looks around the room … sits on the bed and talks to me … I did not hear what he was talking about, but at that moment i noticed gold caps on my pulled out teeth and was very curious about that. I do not have gold in my mouth. He was talking to my dad about something which still there was no sound for me to understand what he was saying. Then I walked out of the room to my bedroom and started worrying about my facial features without teeth. Then Obama walked into My bedroom and looked around then sat down again on my bed. I still did not hear what he was saying but began wondering about what his wife would say if she knew he was in my house…I woke up then.

From a 44-year old Connecticut woman, a caregiver for her disabled husband, on April 30, 2011.

She felt “curious” about the dream when she woke up, but it didn’t change her views about Obama (she is not registered to vote and said “other” when asked to describe her political ideology).  Perhaps the dream reflects her waking attitude towards Obama–she doesn’t hear anything she says.  He does enter her personal space, though, a possible boundary-violation which gets her attention.

Her focus is on her teeth and facial appearance, compared to which a personal visit from the President is far less meaningful and important.  I don’t know any details about this woman’s life beyond this, but if she’s caring for a disabled husband plus an elderly father, she must lead a life full of service to others.  The dream might then reflect the challenge of balancing care of self vs. care of others. 

The gold is an intriguing detail, something that is not accurately representing waking reality.  Something of inner value?

If it were my dream, I’d wonder what my dad and Obama were talking about.  Does my dad have any opinions about Obama in waking life?  Is there a connection in terms of male authority?

A Golden, Angelic Light

imagesThis was a fly-on-the-wall type of dream, where I was only an observer.  It was very short and very intense, like a snapshot burned on my mind.  President and Mrs. Obama were standing in the Oval Office, standing on the carpet with the eagle emblem on it,  facing each other and smiling.   They weren’t embracing, but were holding onto each other’s elbows.   They were so happy — and they were glowing with a golden, angelic light.  It was a very powerful image.

From a married woman, in January 2009

She explains: “I was telling my husband about this dream, and he said he also has dreamed of Barack Obama recently.   Pretty amazing, considering we are a middle-aged white couple who voted for President Obama, but we did not attribute any angelic or metaphysical meaning to him occupying the White House (at least not consciously) …  I have no idea what this means or why I dreamed it — but after I heard about your website, I thought what the heck, I’ll share it.”

Of all the Obama dreams we have gathered with mystical or spiritually meaningful qualities, this one has perhaps the most classical symbolic expression of what Obama’s rise to the Presidency has meant to his followers.  The “golden, angelic light” connects the dream to mystical visions and Christian iconography, while the central position (on the eagle-emblem carpet) in the Oval Office suggests a mandala, i.e. an archetypal image of wholeness.  As shown by many other dreams, Michelle Obama figures prominently as a vital companion of Barack’s and a powerful woman in her own right.   In this dream their bond takes on aspects of a sacred marriage, or heiros gamos, which symbolizes cosmic union and harmony.

Such is the weight of idealization Obama has carried through his first year in office.