Amazingly, Obama Listened to All that I Had to Say

I had a strange dream a few nights ago with Obama in it… It was very realistic and it went like this ~ I was actually having a conversation with Obama face to face. In the dream I was telling Obama that I didn’t like how he was doing things and that I was very concerned about our nation. I explained to him that I had not taken the Swine flu vaccine and was “refusing” the human tracking device that they were trying to implement on people.  I explained in a very calm and confident manner that he and his team of doctors could do what they wanted with me but I was standing my ground and would fight them off. I remember feeling NO fear because I knew that what they were doing was against God’s plan and that the Lord would protect me from harm… I was telling Obama in a straight-forward manner that I believed that the human tracking device was “morally and ethically wrong” and to make it mandatory was against God’s will. Amazingly, Obama listened to all that I had to say and we seemed to come to an understanding. His face suddenly looked sad and he preceded to look down and spoke the words “Okay, then” … I watched him turn around and exit the same same way he had entered the room. After that, I woke up.

From a 30-year old man of undefined political views, on January 29, 2010

Asked to describe how he felt when he woke up, the dreamer said,  “bizarre.. I can still visualize the dream very well. Very strange to have a dream like this and haven’t had one since then. It seemed very real.”

Such strong concerns about vaccines and tracking devices suggest a strain of conservative extremism and populist paranioa, perhaps in relation to current cultural/political conversations about the Tea Party movement and the anti-Obama bias of Fox news. 

More generally, the dream reflects a kind of political-psychological integration; to use a biblical image, the lion laying down with the lamb.  Because most people who take an interest in dreams tend to be politically liberal, I’ve heard more examples of liberals having dreams in which they find a surprising degree of kinship and agreement with conservative politician they dislike in waking life.  Here, it seems a person who is politically conservative and anti-Obama in waking life has a dream of unexpected connection with the President. 

There could be an additional level here of personal symbolism.  Perhaps the dreamer needs to speak up more directly to people in authority: to his parents, boss, minister, or anyone who wields a kind of “presidential power” over him.

The dreamer says the dream had no impact on his waking views of Obama, but I wonder.  Having had counter-political dreams like this myself (one in which I had an extended debate with Newt Gingrich), I know that afterwards I looked at those conservative politicians differently.  I didn’t suddenly agree with them, but I saw them as more complicated people and realized my previous views were somewhat narrow and self-righteous and I needed to give them more critical thought.

I would especially wonder about this since the dream was so memorable and realistic.  I don’t believe the sleeping mind creates such dreams without a reason.

A Secret Atheist

I was in the frozen foods section of the grocery store and talking about how I’m an atheist.  Barack was there and he stage-whispered to me that he didn’t believe in god either.  Then we raised the roof together, and I was kind of embarassed as people looked on. 

From a mid-40’s woman in September, 2008.

In Jail with Obama

My first dream was that I was incarcerated with Obama.  The warden and the correction officers had plotted to kill Obama, and I had to make a moral decision to help him and risk death upon me, or do nothing.  I choose to help him, but as I got close to him to warn him I was grabbed by the correction officers and beaten.  I then woke up in an isolation room and discovered that the $100 bill I had was stolen from me.  I began to pray and ask God not to allow any harm to come to Obama.  After I finished praying I looked under the bed bunker and saw a $50 bill, and I remember believing that someone other than the person who stole the $100 from me had placed it there.

From a 56-year old Latino businessman from California (1).

The dreamer said his two Obama dreams (the second will be posted tomorrow) “seemed so real and that’s why I Googled “dreams with Obama” and your site popped up.”  He pointed to the connection between the setting of the dream and his professional life (law enforcement and security).  A very religious man with a wife of 27 years and three children, he takes dreams seriously as spiritual signs.  The two dreams came in January of 2009, just before Obama’s inauguration.

 The assassination theme—dreams of Obama being attacked or dying—appeared as soon as Sheila began her website in February of 2008.  From the earliest days of his rise to public prominence, Obama has generated anxious fantasies of tragic, premature death.  We will see more examples of this theme in coming posts.

 In this dream the man tries to do what he can to protect Obama, but his efforts are futile.  All he has left are his prayers to God. 

 The money references are obscure, as references to specific numbers in dreams tend to be.  As a metaphor, the lost-and-found money suggests all is not lost.  The danger is real, but other people (fellow prisoners? benevolent outsiders?) will step in to help him.