The Lust Was Obvious

I lived above this classy bar with my mother and a few friends. One day we were all relaxing outside when I wandered off. I happened to run into Obama. We spent the day together and the lust was obvious. I later invited him up for dinner where my mother had made a veggie lasagne. Barack was acting a little weird…kind of like a princess. Expecting us to get him drinks and such. Finally we saw his car pull up outside. He and I walked out into the foyer where we talked for a few minutes and I told him how honored I was to have met him and spent the day with him. We hugged. Then all of a sudden we were making out like maniacs on a little round table. We didn’t actually have sex but things got pretty intense. Eventually my friend Katie walked in. She left right away but we stopped what we were doing. We kissed, and he left. I waited in the bar for him every night for him to come back. He never did, but he sent me a gift every night.

From a 20-year old woman, a writer in Canada, on April 20, 2010.

A very liberal person politically, she said the dream made a strong impact on her: “I can’t stop thinking about it.”

It’s not hard to imagine why.  When the dreaming imagination wants to create a scene of “making out like a maniac” or any other kind of sexual/romantic activity, it can do so with amazing power and physical realism.

As with previous dreams with a sexual theme, the most likely meaning here is not that the young woman wants to have sex with Obama.  Rather, it probably suggests that she has very strong feelings about Obama and what he represents, feelings that are metaphorically as vivid and exciting as feelings of lust. 

In the 1990’s, when many women reported sexual/romantic dreams of Bill Clinton, it appeared a response to his flirtatious, charismatic personality.  But now similar dreams are being reported about Obama, a man whose personality on this point seems to be the exact opposite of Clinton’s.   Hmmm….

The “acting like a princess” remark  could be a reflection of a common critique of Obama, that he’s too fastidious and effete.  The disappointment the dreamer expresses at the end echoes a general feeling among Obama’s supporters, who worked like maniacs for his campaign but feel abandoned now that he’s consumed by the job of governing. 

It would be interesting to know Katie’s relationship to the dreamer, since she’s the one who’s arrival interrupted the moment of passion with Obama. 

If I were the dreamer, I might try going back into the dream via active imagination and finding out more about the gift that Obama brings every night.