A Picture with the Queen of England

I had attended some kind of elaborate world political event at Buckingham Palace with my family. I was standing in a room on an upper floor with large floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over an ornate garden where various world political figures were observing the Queen of England giving an important speech. After the speech was over, the world leaders who had been in the garden were coming inside Buckingham Palace and they were walking through the room where we had been watching the speech. At first, my mom chased down the Queen, who was wearing a purple dress, and was able to have a picture taken with her. I was so excited by her having done this, thinking how cool it would be to have a picture with the Queen. After everyone was gone, I found myself alone in the large room. I saw Obama, dressed in a white shirt and tie with black pants and shoes, come through a side door with his entourage and I yelled out “Mr. Obama, can I have my picture taken with you?” I was really nervous at first because I was not sure if I would be allowed to take the picture with Obama due to the secret service personnel. He told them to go away and come back later and he said he would be more than happy to take a photo with me. At that point, I felt thrilled to be able to do this. I was having trouble with the digital camera, so Obama took a look at it and he was able to get it working! We took several photos and eventually Obama began making silly faces at the camera as we took photos! He began to act goofy, just like we were best friends hanging out. At one point, Obama began to break dance and he allowed me to take pictures of him while he was dancing. We talked for a long time and I felt so excited to be hanging out with the President of the United States. Eventually, Obama said he was really disappointed that he had to go, but he said if he didn’t, the Secret Service would be angry with him, and then I woke up.

From a 26-year old U.S. History teacher in Tennessee, July 18, 2010

The dreamer enjoyed the dream and said, “I felt really happy to have had such a cool experience, even though it wasn’t real.”  A liberal Democrat male, he thought the dream had somewhat changed his view of the President:  “It made me see Obama more as a human being or ‘average guy.'”

The Queen of England’s recent visit to the US, where she spoke to the United Nations General Assembly on July 6, very likely influenced the setting of this dream.  The symbolic grandeur of a true Queen speaking to the United Nations, the embodiment of an ideal global community, certainly provides potent raw material for the dreaming imagination.  We might expect a teacher of U.S. History to be especially sensitive to the impact of such momentous events.

Obama’s friendly presence in the dream suggests that he may, at one level, represent for the dreamer a personal sense of connection to that collective realm of political idealism.  The playful, surprisingly competent figure of Obama mediates between the dreamer’s individual reality and an idealized collective reality.  Obama is the President of the US and the most powerful man in the world, but he is also a goofy dancer who’s an average guy just like the dreamer.

Hail to the Chief

I was on a flight to Seattle, and lo and behold, Barack Obama and his security team came on the flight. Turns out, Barack was my seat mate in the First Class cabin. We chatted and talked like we had been old friends forever. Of course it helped I also hailed from Chicago, so we discussed places we liked to frequent when visiting our fair city. Most of all, I remember we both made each other laugh during the flight. I told him I was pretty sure he needed to study some briefs or whatever, and that I didn’t want to interrupt. He said he did have about 15-minutes of “study,” but he could do that when he got to his hotel. So we just conversed about “this and that” and had a few chuckles along the way. I left with the impression our country was in really, really good hands. Hail to the Chief!

From a Republican businesswoman in Washington state, in February of 2009.

The dreamer describes herself as follows: “I’m a single woman and own my own thriving business. I have been a self-employed business owner over 25-years. While I voted for John McCain, in my heart of hearts, I always felt Barack would be the better president. I’m also a sucker for the underdog. When I voted in Seattle on election day, the presidency was pretty much called by the time I went to cast my vote. I pondered. I figured I’ll vote for the underdog–the guy who ISN’T going to win. I actually was starting to feel sorry for McCain. I always liked McCain’s policies for entrepreneurs like myself—so it wasn’t all out of pity that I voted for him. But my admiration shined for Barack. I was so proud to see him accept the nomination in Grant Park–where I used to live across the street for over 10-years! I cried. I wished I was back in Chicago!”

He Was a Female But Looked Like Himself

My Dream : Obama came to my house, he was happy to be with me though his expression was severe.  He was female but looked like himself.  He felt something kind in me.   We are walking my property (my actual property in waking life) its very early maybe 5 am – we are in the back walking on a wooden bridge – he steps on a weak spot and his foot goes through, I’m embarassed at this – he likes the river and the simple way I live – his security staff is waiting in the front –

From a 66-year old woman in New Mexico “who is interested in being a “good” person and always trying to become better – i philosophize and meditate and hope for the best and try to create conciousness around me – that is awareness of the need for kindness and compassion for all living things.”  Reported in January of 2009.

Obama’s appeal to someone like this seems to be reflected in a feminizing dream that opens up an experience of pleasant intimacy but leads to possible danger and weakness, in tension with his need for official security.

I Feel Like We’re Going Backwards

I was walking down the street and heard someone yell “Sasha!”; then two little girls ran past me. I turned around and there was Michelle Obama…I asked if I could have my picture taken with her; by then a crowd of paparazzi had gathered and they went into a Dominican restaurant in my neighborhood in NYC, where I ‘remembered’ Obama had campaigned (as if!). Somehow I managed to squeeze in through a crack in the glass window, and there was a big bed where I snuggled up next to Michelle — then I realized Barack was on the other side of me in bed, and felt a little disappointed…There were blue strobe lights and “Stairway to Heaven” was playing; the bed felt like it was moving b/c of the lights, and our pictures were being taken — I said “I feel like we’re going backwards!” referring to the bed, but then worried that Barack would take that as a criticism of his efforts as president… when I woke up I thought “are we building a stairway to heaven or are we going backwards?”…

From a 46-year old mother in New York City, in March of 2009.  She was a Hillary supporter during primaries and Barack supporter during the general election who spent time campaigning for him.

Michelle Gives Me a Dirty Look

I was going to a retreat center in the mountains to do a mini-workshop with a shaman. I arrived late and walked out of the lodge to find the group. I walked down the path in the snow, and caught the last of the “ritual” with the (Inuit?) shaman sitting by the fire, doing some sort of blessing. Then it was over. Heading back, I found myself walking with Barack. I somehow knew him on a personal level, and we chatted about how the campaign was going, how he was holding up, etc. It felt good to see him, like seeing an old friend. We went into the lodge together, finishing our conversation. Michelle saw us walk in and gave me a dirty look. I remember feeling annoyed because Barack and I were just friends and she knew that.

From a 34-year old stay-at-home mom in Portland, in March of 2008.

The mystical intimacy many people feel toward Obama makes some of them wonder, unconsciously at least, if there’s a sexual dimension to this attraction. 

People’s dreams of Bill Clinton during the 1990’s included numerous instances of flirting, romance, and sexual activity (a theme that appeared well before the Monica Lewinsky scandal).

It’s impossible to reach certain conclusions with such limited data, but people’s dreams of Barack Obama in the last two years seem to have a lower frequency of overtly sexual behavior compared to people’s dreams of President Clinton.  

We have gathered several sexual dreams about Obama, to be posted in coming weeks.  But as the dreamer points out, the attraction for many people is not romantic but something deeper and stronger.  Seeing Obama is “like seeing an old friend.” 

As will be found in future posts, several Obama dreams include his wife Michelle.  In this and many other reports, she appears as a formidable figure with a strong attachment to her husband.

Good Sense

In my dream I am in a hummer limo with all my friends and we seem to be in a parade.  As we are driving very slowly down the street Barack is in the audience.  So naturally we stop and ask him what’s going on and why we should vote for him.  It was a very brief and casual conversation and I felt pretty good about it.  Then we continued driving and saw the next presidential candidate – who was not Hillary – but a young African American woman. She was dressed in a suite but not a very nice one (it was white and looked kind of trashy), she was also wearing lots of bling as we would call it in California.  Because she seemed like so much fun we invited her to get into the limo and ride around with us.  My friends and I were having a great time with her drinking and carrying on.  After a while she got really drunk and seemed to blend in with my friends more and more – using lots of profanity and being what I would call hyphy.  At the end of the dream I remember thinking to myself “this girl is crazy, I have to vote for Obama he is the only one with some sense in him.”

 From a 24-year old female graduate student in Oakland, California, in the summer of 2008.