She’s Angry at Obama about the Gulf, But He Treats Her Like a Gentleman

I dreamed that I was in some kind of hotel in some kind of social event and that Obama and I knew each other. He made arrangements to meet me in a hotel room where we spend a nice romantic night and he gave this beautiful Orange/Red $700 dress for me to wear the next day. He treated me like a gentleman and was sure that i was taken care of all along. He asker me several times not to be upset at him and to please understand him. The next day we showered together and used different doors to leave the suite. It felt as If we both knew this was an affair. I remember thinking to myself how bad it was for me to be doing this and i was also preparing to the karma that being with a married man will bring to my life. The dream ended when we bumped each other in the middle of the crowd and he gave me instructions on where to meet him next.

From a 30-year old woman in Florida, June 5, 2010

The dreamer, a liberal Democrat who works in accounting, said her feelings about the Gulf oil spill may be a factor in this dream:

“Despite the fact that I was a huge fan and voted for Barack Obama for president, I have been VERY VERY dissapointed by the President’s response to the oil leak catastrophe in the Gulf.  I have cried in silence and I feel a personal dissapointment so I have no clue if this has something to do with my dream last night.”

She said the dream has “not really” influenced her view of Obama: “I am still mad at him.”

Interesting, then, that the dream presents a secret relationship of shared intimacy with Obama, quite the opposite of her waking-life feelings.

It’s tempting to see this as a conscious/unconscious split.  The woman may say she’s mad at Obama, but really, in the secret recesses of her unconscious, she remains attached to him, even though she has a sense within the dream that it’s a morally questionable relationship.  This would be a Freudian kind of interpretation.

Alternatively, she may consciously recognize the complexity of her feelings about Obama, and the dream presents a positive portrait of the President to compensate emotionally for the anger that currently dominates her waking views of him.   This would be a more Jungian kind of interpretation.

Both perspectives probably carry some truth, though only the dreamer could say for sure. 

I would be curious to know more about the dreamer’s associations to the line about the karma of being with a married man.  There may be a metaphorical dimension to this notion that has more to do with the dreamer’s personal life than with her political views.

Church Scuffle

My dad and I happen upon a church where Barack is speaking. Entering, I feel a strong sense of being different from the mostly black congregation. Barack stands at the pulpit, but he is old and pale with a receding, red afro. I am surprised that he is so much less attractive than in my mind. I know the religious right in the congregation are plotting his downfall. Then something odd falls from his person. It is a round object that resembles a child’s rubbery, flashing Spike Ball. I know that in the ball lies the success of Barack’s campaign. Only one other person sees it fall, and in her eyes I can tell that she also knows of its power. The average-looking woman and I tussle for the ball and when I come up victorious, I notice a change in the congregation. About half of the African-Americans are now white. I hand the ball to Michelle, who doesn’t thank me. I exit the church and shrug my shoulders at the woman I scuffled with and say, Sorry.

 From a dreamer in Brooklyn, NY, a white woman married to a black man.

 This came in the spring of 2008, before Obama became President.  It envisions a religious assault on Obama that weakens and ages him. 

Bodily misfortunes in dreams (e.g., losing teeth, hair falling out, etc.) can be metaphors of emotional concerns about losing power or influence in waking life.   Seen in this light, the dream reflects a fear that even if Obama reaches the pulpit (and presidency), he will not be able to defend his strength and vitality against his attackers in the church.

In a twist on the hero theme, it’s the dreamer who must rescue Obama so he can continue his mission.      

The racial dimensions of the dream seem very complex, in light of Obama’s mixed racial background and the dreamer’s mixed racial marriage.  A black church would seem to be very friendly territory for Obama, though in fact he struggled early in the primaries to persuade African-American pastors to support him rather than Hillary Clinton.