My Friend Cries When I Have Sex with Obama

“I had sex with Obama. I don’t remember if he was good, because my friend C. was crying her eyes out!”

From a 35-year old Texas woman, an alcohol counselor, on Feb. 16, 2010.

The dreamer said she wondered why her friend was so upset.  A very liberal person politically who is registered as an Independent, the dreamer acknowledged the dream has influenced her view of President Obama (“of course”) but without specifying how. 

Sexual dreams with a politician or any other celebrity figure can have the obvious literal meaning of actually wanting to have sex with that person.  But it’s more likely such dreams are metaphors that express the individual’s feelings toward the person (for example, feeling a special sense of intimacy with them, or wanting to share in a creative process with them, or, more negatively, feeling abused or mistreated by that person).

Many women in the early 1990’s had sexual and romantically-charged dreams about newly-elected President Bill Clinton.  Initially it seemed the dreams were metaphors of the kind just described, expressing the dreamer’s strong feeling that “I’m really attracted to his political views.”  Later in his Presidency, as the Monica Lewinsky scandal revealed far more than we ever wanted to know about Clinton’s sexual behavior, it became hard not to wonder if there was also a literal dimension to people’s sexual dreams about him.

We don’t know anything more about the present dreamer’s friend, whose behavior seems like a strong clue about the dream’s personal meaning.  Was she crying out of jealousy? or disapproval? or shock?

Back in the second century C.E. the Roman writer Artemidorus included a lengthy section on sexual dreams in his Oneirocritica (The Interpretation of Dreams).  In remarkably modern-sounding language, he argued that the exact details of a sexual dream are key to understanding its meaning.

Here is what Artemidorus says about the traditional Greek and Roman theme of a son dreaming of sex with his mother:

“The case of one’s mother is both complex and manifold and admits of many different interpretations—a thing not all dream interpreters have realized. The fact is that the mere act of intercourse by itself is not enough to show what is portended. Rather, the manner of the embraces and the various positions of the bodies indicate different outcomes.”

Mike Tyson Takes the Bullet

I was outside and all of us were waiting for Barack Obama to come out and make a speech. It seemed like it was sometime during the Spring. There was a stage in front with a plastic backdrop behind the stage. I can’t remember if there was a podium. The chairs were all white fold up chairs (the kind you might see at a wedding). A lot of people were dressed really nice in tuxedo. There was a band playing. I was talking to someone next to me. Then finally Obama came out and he was greeted by a moderate amount of clapping. It seemed like a really long speech. I was on the left about 5 or 6 rows back. I don’t think I was focusing well on the speech, my mind was adrift in total attention deficit. I think i was eating some hors’dourves. All of a sudden I hear some commotion up ahead. It was coming from the first row. Everyone was crowding around. It seemed like someone was sick or something. I saw Michael Jordan standing up and lifting someone. It was Mike Tyson! He was crouched over and his eyes were sort of closed. Someone shouts out that he was shot. It was weird to me because I never heard any gun shot. Someone said he shot himself—then the rumor is that he had been shot. Must’ve been one of those silent guns. He is dead and MJ let’s him go and he drops to the floor. Everyone starts to run including me. I’m sobbing and sort of hysterical. I see Obama sitting somewhere. He looks upset and he is crying into a white napkin. Later, a woman comes up to me and tell me that the police would like to see me. I’m kinda freaked out at this point. The police tell me they just need a statement from me telling them what I saw from the crowd. I tell them. They tell me that it appears that the President had been the original target of an attempted assassination and that Mike Tyson, in the front row, had taken the bullet. They think that someone was beyond the plastic backdrop. They ask me if i saw anyone. I somehow get this image in my head of a window with a blurry figure. I leave and go to the car. I am getting ready to go home. Then later I see my father and i realize that he had come to the speech with crutches or a wheelchair. I didn’t understand why because in real life my father is fine. Then I saw Drew Peterson (a man who has been in the news lately, former local police officer charged with murdering his wives) he is somehow there and he is also in a wheelchair. He starts talking to my dad about something..!

From a 24-year old woman in Illinois, on February 17, 2010. 

She says when she woke up she felt “freaked out, but relieved that the President missed the shot.  I did feel bad for Mike Tyson, though.”

I can’t help but associate the image of Mike Tyson with his guest appearance in the 2009 film The Hangover, as a tiger-owning, quick-punching, but quirkily sentimental thug you would really not want to piss off. 

The dreamer went on to say, “When I woke up I told my mom the whole dream and she said, “well, maybe it was Drew Peterson that attempted to kill the President.” I guess if my dream had been an Agatha Christie mystery, my mother would’ve solved it before the last chapter.”

A very liberal Democrat in waking life, the dreamer thoughtfully responded to the question of whether the dream influenced her view of Obama:

“A little. It made me feel a bit nervous for him. It also made me realize how vulnerable the position of the presidency can be. How nerve-wracking it must be waking up everyday and having to trust that your life is being protected. I had just watched the day before a bunch of documentaries on Black History because it had been black history month. It made me realize how much hatred there was towards black americans. I thought to myself, “how is it possible that only about 60 years later after all that boiling hatred and prejudice, can we be totally cured as a society?” the answer is we aren’t. There still is hatred and prejudice. Even though we got a black man elected doesn’t mean that there isn’t discrimination and racism. It takes hundreds of years for most societies to heal. Not only is racism still alive, but black people in our society don’t feel completely equal yet. They haven’t completely forgiven our society for hundreds of years of cruelty and oppression and it will be a long time before we are completely healed, maybe it will never be completely healed.”


I am out at some kind of public event or function, a banquet of some kind. I’m sitting comfortably with a small group of people that I know, some from the present and some from the past. Barack Obama is sitting with us, just next to me. We are engaged in open, warm and generous conversation and I feel such a closeness to him. I know him so well, and feel emotion pouring from my heart to his. I thank him over and over for everything he has done, ‘Thank you for everything. It’s so important that you know the depth of our thanks, of my thanks. Important that you understand this feeling I have.’ We both continue sharing. I cry, and he sheds tears. We embrace often, and long, sharing in this like-feeling. I realize that we are very close, perhaps partnered even. It is difficult to finish the evening and leave the event. When I wake up, I still carry the deep emotion of gratitude and am saddened to have left the dream. I realize that I have had countless dreams with Barack Obama. The scenarios change slightly, but the emotion, the closeness, the gratitude and the exchange is always the same.

From a 29-year old Canadian woman, in February of 2009.  She describes herself as a “theatre artist, educator and activist. I am originally from the East Coast of Canada, and have traveled to and lived in most major cities in Canada.”