I Can’t Hear What Obama Is Saying

I was in my house in my dad’s bedroom (he lives with me and my family). I was looking in a mirror. I was actually pulling my bottom teeth out. (Go figure!) Suddenly Obama walks in and looks around the room … sits on the bed and talks to me … I did not hear what he was talking about, but at that moment i noticed gold caps on my pulled out teeth and was very curious about that. I do not have gold in my mouth. He was talking to my dad about something which still there was no sound for me to understand what he was saying. Then I walked out of the room to my bedroom and started worrying about my facial features without teeth. Then Obama walked into My bedroom and looked around then sat down again on my bed. I still did not hear what he was saying but began wondering about what his wife would say if she knew he was in my house…I woke up then.

From a 44-year old Connecticut woman, a caregiver for her disabled husband, on April 30, 2011.

She felt “curious” about the dream when she woke up, but it didn’t change her views about Obama (she is not registered to vote and said “other” when asked to describe her political ideology).  Perhaps the dream reflects her waking attitude towards Obama–she doesn’t hear anything she says.  He does enter her personal space, though, a possible boundary-violation which gets her attention.

Her focus is on her teeth and facial appearance, compared to which a personal visit from the President is far less meaningful and important.  I don’t know any details about this woman’s life beyond this, but if she’s caring for a disabled husband plus an elderly father, she must lead a life full of service to others.  The dream might then reflect the challenge of balancing care of self vs. care of others. 

The gold is an intriguing detail, something that is not accurately representing waking reality.  Something of inner value?

If it were my dream, I’d wonder what my dad and Obama were talking about.  Does my dad have any opinions about Obama in waking life?  Is there a connection in terms of male authority?

Married to Obama in a Very Small Motor Home

Obama and I were married. I am white female. We had a very small motor home. He wanted to have sex. I didn’t mind. He was laying on top of me on the floor, but there wasn’t any room, and the doors and windows were all open. We still had our clothes on. The chair was in the way. I told him at least he should shut the door. There was a lot of daylight and I was concerned, not worried, that someone would be watching. I said, but your President, won’t someone care? And I also said, “I remember when we used to do this before you became President.” There wasn’t any awe involved, just a statement, like a married couple would make to each other. Such as “we used to do this when we were kids.” He got up to shut the door. I looked at the bed to see if there was more room than there was on the floor. the bed was very narrow, so I decided to stay on the floor and I pushed the chair around so I could at least stretch out. I determined that though there was a lot of daylight, it would be okay. That’s all. We did not have sex, and I awoke before he returned from closing the door.

From a 57-year old female medical professional in Saudi Arabia, August 19, 2010.

She said the dream left her feeling “Disturbed. I do not like Obama as President. I certainly wouldn’t want to be married to him and confined with him in such a small motorhome even if we weren’t married.”

Has it influenced her view of Obama? “No. But it has made me introspective.”

A Red Colored Bed

Hello. My name is S__. I just had a dream an hour ago and decided to google. I came across this site.. This was my dream. The first scene was of Barack and I sitting on the edge of a red colored bed in a beautiful home. He was holding my face so gently and we were kissing softly on the lips. Our breathe was warm and it felt so passionate. My heart was beating. I could feel it through my chest. His eyes opened to look into mine. He gently started to kiss my pretty face on the cheeks eyelids and forehead all the while holding me. We went back to soft passionate lip kissing. Out of nowhere I slowly got up feeling loved, sexually arroused and nervous. I walked across this bedroom that was rich in colors of reds golds and whites. I ended up on the outside of the room but the doorway was wide so it was like I was still in there. My mother (who is softspoken and sweet) came out of nowhere passing me papers for school and softly telling me the rundown of some school program (I’m 40 and finished school). I was embarassed that she was doing this and started to speak loudly asking her why she does this. All the while looking out of the corner of my eye at Barack and caring how he must be thinking of me. My mother disapeared and I was now walking past Michelle (who had on a red or purple sleeveless dress) back over to Obama. I stood in front of him for a minute and watched his eyes and lips and was trying to figure out his thoughts. He seemed concerned and in love with me. Michelle was leaning forward to the side doing something on a table. I think she was setting the table. Next scene Barack and I are laying down and he is kissing me and holding me. I no longer see Michelle. I could smell him and feel the warmth of his breath. His hands were as soft as his lips. Earlier he had on a white shirt and black slacks. Now as we lay on the bed, he has on nothing but boxers and I am in a bra and panties. We just laid there kissing and holding each other looking into each others eyes and it felt so real. I felt at peace and so arroused. I then woke up to my phone ringing….

From a 40-year old female massage therapist in New York City.

She said, “I’d like to add that this is not the first dream I have had of him. I think it is about the 5th time now. Same sexual scenes but with less surrounding details and people. We had sex in one of them. Slow passionate sex. I felt the dream (as all the others) was nice. I wished it had continued. I felt like the dream was sent from his thoughts about me. That he dreams the same things about me and sends them to me when I’m sleeping. They just seem so vivid and real. Strange feelings. Just strange. This sounds creepy.”

Regarding the impact of the dream, she said “It has influenced me alot. As I said earlier I feel like we have a connection. That we are suppose to be together. Michelle forgive me if you ever read this. Please. I almost feel ashamed.”

Putting His Daughters to Bed

imagesBarack was sitting at a table with Michelle standing beside him. There were others around, aides and such, and he was already sworn in as President. Somebody introduced us, and instead of shaking his hand, I hugged him. Then I stood back and hugged him again. I don’t think I spoke, but he laughed and took my crazy adoration in stride. Then he made me the girls’ and the dream skipped ahead to me standing by a black suburban, picking up Sasha and Malia from school. I even put them to bed that night. They slept in these huge double beds, side by side in an enormous bedroom.

 From a 30-year old married woman in Minnesota, January 2009.

About herself she says, “I have wanted Obama to be president since he won his Senate seat in 2006. I work in nonprofit development raising money for ACORN and Project Vote. THERE WAS NO VOTER FRAUD! It was a dirty scheme to make the public distrustful and suspicious…lo and behold! It worked! And McCain still lost. Funny how that worked out.””

As with many other reports elsewhere on the site, this one features a strong Obama supporter in waking life who dreams of expressing that enthusiasm directly and intimately with Obama himself. 

The apparently fragmentary text just before the point where “the dream skips ahead” makes it hard to tell what has happened to the dreamer–has she become the Obama’s nanny? or has she replaced Michelle as mother? or is she just a very close family friend?  The ambiguity may reflect the complexities of her “crazy adoration” for Obama in both dreaming and waking life. 

When a person feels so passionately about a politician, it seems likely that deeper dimensions of a person’s worldview and life experience have been aroused, so that supporting (or attacking) the politician becomes a means of expressing the person’s ultimate values and self-identity.   

Without knowing anything else about the dreamer and her personal life, we can still interpret her dream in collective terms as a vivid fantasy of safety and nurturance within the inner sanctum of American political power, a fantasy made possible (in the view of his supporters) by Obama’s rise to the Presidency.