Running on All Fours Along a Narrow Ledge

There are lots of people on a campus, it’s time to go….They’re trying to sort us out….Then I’m running up a hill, like for exercise….A guy is up on a ledge or retaining wall to my left….There’s brown dirt and green foliage all around, it’s a forest area….He asks me how to get out?….I say keep going?….Then somehow my left foot gets stuck in the muddy ditch by the left side of the road, next to the retaining wall….So I get myself up onto the retaining wall and start running again on all fours, my hands in front, along the narrow ledge….I wonder as I go, will I fall?….I’m nervous, but I find that if I just focus on my hands and the path ahead of me, I’ll be fine….

KB, 4-20-11

This came the night after I attended a fund-raising dinner with President Obama for his re-election campaign.  I shook his hand, made some small talk, and listened to him give a speech about what lies ahead for the country. 

Obama does not appear in the dream directly.  Perhaps he is represented by the guy up to my left, though my sense is that guy has more to do with people more politically liberal than Obama, or me. 

The main continuity between the dream and the waking event has to do with the direction of movement–running forward in a balanced and focused way, avoiding the pitfalls of the left, trusting one’s instincts.  It’s literal and physical in the dream, while it’s metaphorical in the political themes of Obama’s approach to the 2012 campaign. 

If there’s any implicit criticism in the dream towards Obama, it might be in the strange detail of running on all fours, like an animal.  Does the cerebral side of Obama come out more than the instinctual side?  Is that another aspect of the balance he and his supporters need to run his campaign successfully?

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