Obama Shoots the Squirrel

I was living in a tiny house in my grandparent’s backyard and Obama was my dad. I didn’t like living with him so I was trying to run away, but for some reason I kept getting stuck right after this one huge tree. So I was just hiding behind this tree when I see Obama through a window in the house and he’s talking to this blonde woman dressed in a light blue suit, and I can hear them talking about me and wondering where I am. There was this squirrel on the window sill that was making these really loud noises, so Obama was getting annoyed. He says “hold on a minute,” to the lady and reaches under the table and takes out a huge machine gun and shoots the squirrel into a million pieces! the lady starts crying and tries to put the squirrel back together but it just keeps falling apart. Finally, I come out from behind the tree and glue it back together for her.

From a 19-year old female student from Georgia, on October 9, 2010.

The dreamer, a moderate Republican, though the dream was “funny” and now associates President Obama with this image of blowing up a squirrel.

She reported the dream to me on May 2, 2011, just before the President’s announcement that a US military team had shot and killed Osama bin Laden.

The dream portrays Obama as a frightening, unpredictable father figure.  Perhaps this reflects something in the dreamer’s personal life relationship with her actual father.  It could also mirror the political views of a Republican in Georgia towards Obama’s Presidency–being stuck with an authority figure you don’t like, you don’t trust, and you fear is going to destroy things you care about.

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