Michelle Loses Her Purse

vbh-purseI see Michelle Obama in a kitchen.  She has put her wallet or purse in a kitchen drawer but now as she is looking for it, it is gone. The scene shifts to an auditorium-like classroom.  I’m observing as if from “above”.  Obama is sitting in the audience but the speaker is addressing him.  I believe the topic is energy related…maybe oil.  Obama is defending his position on the subject but it is not being received well.  The group is very critical of him.
From a 58-year old woman, January 3, 2010
She had this to say about her dream’s personal and political context:
“I had the dream on January 3rd.  I had not been following his activities very closely but when I shared the dream, a friend told me he was in Copenhagen at an energy summit and the US was being criticized for not committing to a better plan to decrease our need for traditional energy sources.   The media did not follow this event very closely at all.  But the US was supposedly only committing to a decrease of 4% dependency on traditional energy sources.  Other countries were committing to a much higher percentaged decrease.  So Obama was being criticized, and if true, then rightly so.  We need to look at alternative energy sources very seriously.   
“I love Obama and voted for him.  I believe he truly wants to make a difference and create positive changes.  However, with our current system for policy making, and the way bills get tacked onto other bills until you hardly recognize the initial bill in the first place, Obama has a hard road to go.  Certainly he inherited a mess….something people like to ‘forget.’  He inspires me and I feel his heart is in the right place.” 
Overall, the dreamer said she felt the dream was helping her process the rising negativity and criticism being directed toward Obama.  She fears Michelle, too, is in danger of losing something valuable, i.e. her personal identity. 
Taking a third-person observer’s perspective in a dream is infrequent, but when it occurs it can perhaps signal a degree of “higher” awareness and self-reflective consciousness in relation to the contents of the dream.  With this dream, it might correspond to the increasing complexity of the dreamer’s waking attitude toward Obama.

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