Malia Needs Dental Work

imagesThis was not a pleasant dream; it was tense.  I was somehow conscripted as a sort of temporary nanny help for Obama’s girls.  Malia had a serious dental problem that needed fixing  (I myself am in need of a bridge).  I was not able (allowed?) to take her to dentist, as it turned out,  I made myself at home and fell asleep on the sofa.  Late at night BO asked me if I knew it was nearly midnight.  I didn’t realize I had overstayed!  A former acquaintance bumped into me and pretended she needed a place to stay, which she didn’t, and I knew it was only a ruse to try to get close to Obama.  That’s all I remember.

From an older woman, January 2009

About herself the dreamer says: “I am a 64-yr-old yellow-dog-liberal Bush-hating grandmother of 3, perfectly soggy with relief and happiness about our new president. I worry that I worship him. I taped a photo of him with his family on my work computer.”

A similar theme appeared in the dream posted a few days ago (“Putting His Daughters to Bed”), in which the dreamer imagines herself as part of the Obama family’s “inner circle.” 

In this case the dreamer acknowledges her tendency to “worship” Obama and idolize his family.  This dream seems to raise questions about that waking attitude, or at least consider its less pleasant consequences in terms of hidden problems and boundary anxieties.

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