Living Well in Brazil

 125px-Flag_of_Brazil_svgI was dreaming that Obama was on a South American tour with some of his politics. He was visiting especially foreigners living in Brazil and stepped by our apartment in Salvador da Bahia. He comes into our apartment, while my husband was sleeping in our bedroom and wanted to see all rooms. He was surprised and said:”Wow, you are living quite well here in Brazil” and then he gave me some time to ask some questions about his political ambitions. I asked Obama: “Well Mister Obama, isn’t it quite a big pressure for you right now to be the President of the United States? I think people are waiting for a big change in the most shortest time and a soon recovery for their economic system. How are you feeling about this?” He looked at me in a relaxed way and just when he wanted to answer I woke up from this wonderful dream. What a pity.

From a German woman living in Brazil, in March 2009.

As a note, I make as few corrections to people’s original dream reports as possible.  With someone like this dreamer, whose native language is not English, I correct the punctuation and spelling but not the grammar or word choices.  Even filtered through a second language, these details matter in developing an accurate sense of the dream’s possible meanings.

Obama’s international audience has been wondering the same thing as his American supporters: How exactly will he make the huge changes necessary for solving our collective problems?

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