Married to Obama in a Very Small Motor Home

Obama and I were married. I am white female. We had a very small motor home. He wanted to have sex. I didn’t mind. He was laying on top of me on the floor, but there wasn’t any room, and the doors and windows were all open. We still had our clothes on. The chair was in the way. I told him at least he should shut the door. There was a lot of daylight and I was concerned, not worried, that someone would be watching. I said, but your President, won’t someone care? And I also said, “I remember when we used to do this before you became President.” There wasn’t any awe involved, just a statement, like a married couple would make to each other. Such as “we used to do this when we were kids.” He got up to shut the door. I looked at the bed to see if there was more room than there was on the floor. the bed was very narrow, so I decided to stay on the floor and I pushed the chair around so I could at least stretch out. I determined that though there was a lot of daylight, it would be okay. That’s all. We did not have sex, and I awoke before he returned from closing the door.

From a 57-year old female medical professional in Saudi Arabia, August 19, 2010.

She said the dream left her feeling “Disturbed. I do not like Obama as President. I certainly wouldn’t want to be married to him and confined with him in such a small motorhome even if we weren’t married.”

Has it influenced her view of Obama? “No. But it has made me introspective.”

A Red Colored Bed

Hello. My name is S__. I just had a dream an hour ago and decided to google. I came across this site.. This was my dream. The first scene was of Barack and I sitting on the edge of a red colored bed in a beautiful home. He was holding my face so gently and we were kissing softly on the lips. Our breathe was warm and it felt so passionate. My heart was beating. I could feel it through my chest. His eyes opened to look into mine. He gently started to kiss my pretty face on the cheeks eyelids and forehead all the while holding me. We went back to soft passionate lip kissing. Out of nowhere I slowly got up feeling loved, sexually arroused and nervous. I walked across this bedroom that was rich in colors of reds golds and whites. I ended up on the outside of the room but the doorway was wide so it was like I was still in there. My mother (who is softspoken and sweet) came out of nowhere passing me papers for school and softly telling me the rundown of some school program (I’m 40 and finished school). I was embarassed that she was doing this and started to speak loudly asking her why she does this. All the while looking out of the corner of my eye at Barack and caring how he must be thinking of me. My mother disapeared and I was now walking past Michelle (who had on a red or purple sleeveless dress) back over to Obama. I stood in front of him for a minute and watched his eyes and lips and was trying to figure out his thoughts. He seemed concerned and in love with me. Michelle was leaning forward to the side doing something on a table. I think she was setting the table. Next scene Barack and I are laying down and he is kissing me and holding me. I no longer see Michelle. I could smell him and feel the warmth of his breath. His hands were as soft as his lips. Earlier he had on a white shirt and black slacks. Now as we lay on the bed, he has on nothing but boxers and I am in a bra and panties. We just laid there kissing and holding each other looking into each others eyes and it felt so real. I felt at peace and so arroused. I then woke up to my phone ringing….

From a 40-year old female massage therapist in New York City.

She said, “I’d like to add that this is not the first dream I have had of him. I think it is about the 5th time now. Same sexual scenes but with less surrounding details and people. We had sex in one of them. Slow passionate sex. I felt the dream (as all the others) was nice. I wished it had continued. I felt like the dream was sent from his thoughts about me. That he dreams the same things about me and sends them to me when I’m sleeping. They just seem so vivid and real. Strange feelings. Just strange. This sounds creepy.”

Regarding the impact of the dream, she said “It has influenced me alot. As I said earlier I feel like we have a connection. That we are suppose to be together. Michelle forgive me if you ever read this. Please. I almost feel ashamed.”

I Just Know That He’s In Love With Me

I dreamed that Obama was in love with me. I don’t remember any concrete detail at all. In my dream, I just know that he’s in love with me, and I see him getting on a bus — but I’m not even sure I SEE him during the dream, maybe I’m just THINKING about him getting on a bus ! And he’s serene and happy. — not very clear indeed !!

From a 29-year old actress in Switzerland, on August 15, 2010.

She said the dream made her feel “very happy.”

She’s Angry at Obama about the Gulf, But He Treats Her Like a Gentleman

I dreamed that I was in some kind of hotel in some kind of social event and that Obama and I knew each other. He made arrangements to meet me in a hotel room where we spend a nice romantic night and he gave this beautiful Orange/Red $700 dress for me to wear the next day. He treated me like a gentleman and was sure that i was taken care of all along. He asker me several times not to be upset at him and to please understand him. The next day we showered together and used different doors to leave the suite. It felt as If we both knew this was an affair. I remember thinking to myself how bad it was for me to be doing this and i was also preparing to the karma that being with a married man will bring to my life. The dream ended when we bumped each other in the middle of the crowd and he gave me instructions on where to meet him next.

From a 30-year old woman in Florida, June 5, 2010

The dreamer, a liberal Democrat who works in accounting, said her feelings about the Gulf oil spill may be a factor in this dream:

“Despite the fact that I was a huge fan and voted for Barack Obama for president, I have been VERY VERY dissapointed by the President’s response to the oil leak catastrophe in the Gulf.  I have cried in silence and I feel a personal dissapointment so I have no clue if this has something to do with my dream last night.”

She said the dream has “not really” influenced her view of Obama: “I am still mad at him.”

Interesting, then, that the dream presents a secret relationship of shared intimacy with Obama, quite the opposite of her waking-life feelings.

It’s tempting to see this as a conscious/unconscious split.  The woman may say she’s mad at Obama, but really, in the secret recesses of her unconscious, she remains attached to him, even though she has a sense within the dream that it’s a morally questionable relationship.  This would be a Freudian kind of interpretation.

Alternatively, she may consciously recognize the complexity of her feelings about Obama, and the dream presents a positive portrait of the President to compensate emotionally for the anger that currently dominates her waking views of him.   This would be a more Jungian kind of interpretation.

Both perspectives probably carry some truth, though only the dreamer could say for sure. 

I would be curious to know more about the dreamer’s associations to the line about the karma of being with a married man.  There may be a metaphorical dimension to this notion that has more to do with the dreamer’s personal life than with her political views.

The Lust Was Obvious

I lived above this classy bar with my mother and a few friends. One day we were all relaxing outside when I wandered off. I happened to run into Obama. We spent the day together and the lust was obvious. I later invited him up for dinner where my mother had made a veggie lasagne. Barack was acting a little weird…kind of like a princess. Expecting us to get him drinks and such. Finally we saw his car pull up outside. He and I walked out into the foyer where we talked for a few minutes and I told him how honored I was to have met him and spent the day with him. We hugged. Then all of a sudden we were making out like maniacs on a little round table. We didn’t actually have sex but things got pretty intense. Eventually my friend Katie walked in. She left right away but we stopped what we were doing. We kissed, and he left. I waited in the bar for him every night for him to come back. He never did, but he sent me a gift every night.

From a 20-year old woman, a writer in Canada, on April 20, 2010.

A very liberal person politically, she said the dream made a strong impact on her: “I can’t stop thinking about it.”

It’s not hard to imagine why.  When the dreaming imagination wants to create a scene of “making out like a maniac” or any other kind of sexual/romantic activity, it can do so with amazing power and physical realism.

As with previous dreams with a sexual theme, the most likely meaning here is not that the young woman wants to have sex with Obama.  Rather, it probably suggests that she has very strong feelings about Obama and what he represents, feelings that are metaphorically as vivid and exciting as feelings of lust. 

In the 1990’s, when many women reported sexual/romantic dreams of Bill Clinton, it appeared a response to his flirtatious, charismatic personality.  But now similar dreams are being reported about Obama, a man whose personality on this point seems to be the exact opposite of Clinton’s.   Hmmm….

The “acting like a princess” remark  could be a reflection of a common critique of Obama, that he’s too fastidious and effete.  The disappointment the dreamer expresses at the end echoes a general feeling among Obama’s supporters, who worked like maniacs for his campaign but feel abandoned now that he’s consumed by the job of governing. 

It would be interesting to know Katie’s relationship to the dreamer, since she’s the one who’s arrival interrupted the moment of passion with Obama. 

If I were the dreamer, I might try going back into the dream via active imagination and finding out more about the gift that Obama brings every night.

My Friend Cries When I Have Sex with Obama

“I had sex with Obama. I don’t remember if he was good, because my friend C. was crying her eyes out!”

From a 35-year old Texas woman, an alcohol counselor, on Feb. 16, 2010.

The dreamer said she wondered why her friend was so upset.  A very liberal person politically who is registered as an Independent, the dreamer acknowledged the dream has influenced her view of President Obama (“of course”) but without specifying how. 

Sexual dreams with a politician or any other celebrity figure can have the obvious literal meaning of actually wanting to have sex with that person.  But it’s more likely such dreams are metaphors that express the individual’s feelings toward the person (for example, feeling a special sense of intimacy with them, or wanting to share in a creative process with them, or, more negatively, feeling abused or mistreated by that person).

Many women in the early 1990’s had sexual and romantically-charged dreams about newly-elected President Bill Clinton.  Initially it seemed the dreams were metaphors of the kind just described, expressing the dreamer’s strong feeling that “I’m really attracted to his political views.”  Later in his Presidency, as the Monica Lewinsky scandal revealed far more than we ever wanted to know about Clinton’s sexual behavior, it became hard not to wonder if there was also a literal dimension to people’s sexual dreams about him.

We don’t know anything more about the present dreamer’s friend, whose behavior seems like a strong clue about the dream’s personal meaning.  Was she crying out of jealousy? or disapproval? or shock?

Back in the second century C.E. the Roman writer Artemidorus included a lengthy section on sexual dreams in his Oneirocritica (The Interpretation of Dreams).  In remarkably modern-sounding language, he argued that the exact details of a sexual dream are key to understanding its meaning.

Here is what Artemidorus says about the traditional Greek and Roman theme of a son dreaming of sex with his mother:

“The case of one’s mother is both complex and manifold and admits of many different interpretations—a thing not all dream interpreters have realized. The fact is that the mere act of intercourse by itself is not enough to show what is portended. Rather, the manner of the embraces and the various positions of the bodies indicate different outcomes.”