Androgynous Obama Down Under

I was at my dead grandparents house which was selected in a competition to be visited by Barack Obama in Adelaide, Australia. I couldn’t believe we had been chosen and when he arrived with his entourage and security it was a sight to behold. He entered the house and talked to me and then we went to the bedroom and sat and talked some more he sounded genuinely interested in me. Then with the door open he laid down and pulled out a breast, I couldn’t believe it, was this a man or a women? Then I started to suck on his breast before I knew what I was doing. Then we walked out to the lounge room and we were surrounded by security from both outside and inside the house wanting to know what had taken place in the room. Then Barack Obama and entourage left and it was all over. What was the most striking part of the dream which I’m not sure whether it was the beginning or the end, was his face up strickingly (sic) close to mine and his current appearance had changed to that of a grotesque figure.

From a 47-year old Australian male bridge inspector, on May 9, 2011

A political liberal, he said the dream has impacted the way he looks at Obama (although without specifying how).  After he woke up from the dream he felt “somewhat disturbed and in ore [awe?] of the reality of it. The dream was so real I searched for a similar dream and couldn’t believe it, that under the title Barack Obama dreams the first one to come up was someone’s dream in a similar vain in an elevator with him filling two bottles of milk from a breast pump.”

This dream starts with a typical “Obama as Friend” theme, transposed to an international setting.  But then it takes a sharp turn into the bizarre with a “grotesque,” androgynous Obama laying down on a bed and baring a female breast, from which the dreamer suddenly begins sucking, whether sexually or to nurse is unclear.  The dreamer’s association to a similar dream suggests a maternal meaning.  

Obama as nurturer of world hopes?  or, Obama as womanish, boundary-violating freak?

Obama Declared Himself As A Dictator

Obama declared himself as a dictator and started eliminating all who resisted him. I was a leader of a group trying to stop him.

From a 40-year old very conservative man from Kentucky, in May 2010.

It’s hard to know if this is a fantasy from sleeping or waking, or both.

Amazingly, Obama Listened to All that I Had to Say

I had a strange dream a few nights ago with Obama in it… It was very realistic and it went like this ~ I was actually having a conversation with Obama face to face. In the dream I was telling Obama that I didn’t like how he was doing things and that I was very concerned about our nation. I explained to him that I had not taken the Swine flu vaccine and was “refusing” the human tracking device that they were trying to implement on people.  I explained in a very calm and confident manner that he and his team of doctors could do what they wanted with me but I was standing my ground and would fight them off. I remember feeling NO fear because I knew that what they were doing was against God’s plan and that the Lord would protect me from harm… I was telling Obama in a straight-forward manner that I believed that the human tracking device was “morally and ethically wrong” and to make it mandatory was against God’s will. Amazingly, Obama listened to all that I had to say and we seemed to come to an understanding. His face suddenly looked sad and he preceded to look down and spoke the words “Okay, then” … I watched him turn around and exit the same same way he had entered the room. After that, I woke up.

From a 30-year old man of undefined political views, on January 29, 2010

Asked to describe how he felt when he woke up, the dreamer said,  “bizarre.. I can still visualize the dream very well. Very strange to have a dream like this and haven’t had one since then. It seemed very real.”

Such strong concerns about vaccines and tracking devices suggest a strain of conservative extremism and populist paranioa, perhaps in relation to current cultural/political conversations about the Tea Party movement and the anti-Obama bias of Fox news. 

More generally, the dream reflects a kind of political-psychological integration; to use a biblical image, the lion laying down with the lamb.  Because most people who take an interest in dreams tend to be politically liberal, I’ve heard more examples of liberals having dreams in which they find a surprising degree of kinship and agreement with conservative politician they dislike in waking life.  Here, it seems a person who is politically conservative and anti-Obama in waking life has a dream of unexpected connection with the President. 

There could be an additional level here of personal symbolism.  Perhaps the dreamer needs to speak up more directly to people in authority: to his parents, boss, minister, or anyone who wields a kind of “presidential power” over him.

The dreamer says the dream had no impact on his waking views of Obama, but I wonder.  Having had counter-political dreams like this myself (one in which I had an extended debate with Newt Gingrich), I know that afterwards I looked at those conservative politicians differently.  I didn’t suddenly agree with them, but I saw them as more complicated people and realized my previous views were somewhat narrow and self-righteous and I needed to give them more critical thought.

I would especially wonder about this since the dream was so memorable and realistic.  I don’t believe the sleeping mind creates such dreams without a reason.