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“I serve as a blank screen,” Barack Obama says in The Audacity of Hope, “on which people of vastly different stripes project their own views.”  Dreams are an ideal source for gaining insight into people’s projections onto Obama.  Dreams, as current scientific research has shown, are meaningfully connected to people’s concerns and feelings in waking life—including their political views.  The dreams gathered on this website open a unique window into the unconscious dynamics of Barack Obama’s meteoric rise to the U.S. Presidency, revealing the collective hopes, desires, and fears he embodies for millions of people around the world. 

Each week several new dreams will be posted with a commentary by Dr. Kelly Bulkeley, a dream researcher who has been studying dreams and U.S. politics since 1992.  Viewers are welcome to add their comments and interpretations.

 This website is the product of collaboration between Dr. Bulkeley and Sheila Heti, Irene Webb, and Markus Hoffman.  It revives and carries forward the mission of Sheila Heti’s original website, www.metaphysicalpoll.com, which posted dreams of Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain during the winter and spring of 2008.




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