As If We Were Family

The dream somehow involved being in the same place as Obama, sitting down on a couch next to each other. He then proceeded to fall asleep, clearly exhausted, and he leaned against me. I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of the weight on his shoulders, and how hard this campaign and the upcoming presidency must be. […]

Church Scuffle

My dad and I happen upon a church where Barack is speaking. Entering, I feel a strong sense of being different from the mostly black congregation. Barack stands at the pulpit, but he is old and pale with a receding, red afro. I am surprised that he is so much less attractive than in my […]

Giving Obama a Hand

I am in a gathering space, like a community hall, with a number of people.  I am thinking about leaving and going home but realize I have to go out across a rough section of neighborhood at night that feels risky, dangerous. I look around for someone who might accompany me at least part way […]

Obama and the Graveyard

I go somewhere with Barack Obama. When we return, it turns out it is only Obama and myself in the van. He is driving and I sit in the far back of the van. I realize that I have a chance to have a conversation with the President of the United States! I move up […]

The Death of Obama

            During the 1990’s the most dreamed-about politicians in the U.S. were Bill Clinton and Ross Perot.  Perot’s appeal to the dreaming imagination did not last beyond 1992’s unusual three-way campaign, while Clinton remained throughout the 90’s the most prominent political character in American dreaming.              In the 2008 US Presidential campaign both Hillary Clinton […]

Should I Change Too?

I am attending the Inauguration of Barack Obama, but I am in a room reserved for children–babysitting. I see children all around, playing quietly. I am not really engaged with the children; I am watching them play. In walks Obama. Everyone is surprised. He is wearing blue jeans and looks very handsome. He walks around, […]