The Importance of Breathing

Last night I dreamed I was in a restaurant with a friend. I was looking at all the people in the big open space, when I noticed that Barack Obama was on my left, walking about shaking hands with folks and passing out info. I stood up and hugged him and then put my hand […]

Doing Laundry at the White House

I’m working for the President! The headquarters are in the basement of the Capitol. There are laundry machines yet it feels like important things are going on. We are now on the grand grounds of the White House or Capitol and I am with the President. Iam watching him and I marvel. It is just […]

Michelle and Barack Get Married, Again

It’s the day after the Inauguration, only instead of attending more balls or parties, the entire world is bursting with anticipation over the first White House wedding. Barack and Michelle will be getting married today. Twin Oprahs are the bridesmaids. Apparently they’ve been so busy these last few years that they haven’t had a chance […]

He Flips Over on a Segway and Recovers, But Is Bloody

I’m watching CNN?  President Obama is on a Segway (new tech moving  2-wheeled form of transportation) and it has a tiny explosion. He stays on and it flips over in a complete circle, a loop.  He has no helmet on and he is bloody and thrown down on the ground. He gets back on and […]


I am out at some kind of public event or function, a banquet of some kind. I’m sitting comfortably with a small group of people that I know, some from the present and some from the past. Barack Obama is sitting with us, just next to me. We are engaged in open, warm and generous […]

Hail to the Chief

I was on a flight to Seattle, and lo and behold, Barack Obama and his security team came on the flight. Turns out, Barack was my seat mate in the First Class cabin. We chatted and talked like we had been old friends forever. Of course it helped I also hailed from Chicago, so we […]