A Golden, Angelic Light

This was a fly-on-the-wall type of dream, where I was only an observer.  It was very short and very intense, like a snapshot burned on my mind.  President and Mrs. Obama were standing in the Oval Office, standing on the carpet with the eagle emblem on it,  facing each other and smiling.   They weren’t embracing, […]

He Winks at Nelson Mandela

I dreamt I was a reporter or an observer, and I was in the back seat while President Obama drove himself to an important meeting with dignitaries.  I dream I saw him wink at a Nelson Mandela, as if they were both acknowledging their positions.  From a woman in  who has a private practice as […]

Putting His Daughters to Bed

Barack was sitting at a table with Michelle standing beside him. There were others around, aides and such, and he was already sworn in as President. Somebody introduced us, and instead of shaking his hand, I hugged him. Then I stood back and hugged him again. I don’t think I spoke, but he laughed and […]

He’s Watching What Sounds Like Porn

My fiancee and I went to the White House to an Illinois-only party, which was the only one Barack was attending.  Barack had his Blackberry and I had my new iPhone, so I struck up a conversation with him at a long, rustic wood mess hall table.  Everyone at the party was clicking beer glasses […]

He Loses His Temper

I dreamed that President Obama and the First Lady were doing a TV interview. They were older, both had more grey hair and both had put on weight. Michelle was not as glamorous as we’re used to seeing her–she was wearing her hair kind of puffy–straight back, exposing a lot of curly grey edges. As […]

Living Well in Brazil

 I was dreaming that Obama was on a South American tour with some of his politics. He was visiting especially foreigners living in Brazil and stepped by our apartment in Salvador da Bahia. He comes into our apartment, while my husband was sleeping in our bedroom and wanted to see all rooms. He was surprised […]