Amazingly, Obama Listened to All that I Had to Say

I had a strange dream a few nights ago with Obama in it… It was very realistic and it went like this ~ I was actually having a conversation with Obama face to face. In the dream I was telling Obama that I didn’t like how he was doing things and that I was very […]

He Tells Me We’re Under Terrorist Attack

I was away from home on a trip down in the states – NY I think? And I had no loved ones with me but in the dream, I knew this and it was alright. I had a sense of urgency to get to a baseball game (I don’t even watch baseball) and when I […]

He “Pushes” Them Into a Sleepy Trance

I walk into a long wooden-floored building like a school house or community center. Obama is standing with others around a long table in the middle of the room. Everyone is arguing. He suddenly starts to glow with a white light, emanating first from his face but then expanding over his entire body and then […]

Best Friends at the Fraternity

I was at a fraternity party. Barack was the president of the fraternity and it was very apparent to me and him that he would soon be president of the USA. He and I were best friends around that time and I wanted to call, write, and email everybody I knew from past decades of […]

Michelle Loses Her Purse

I see Michelle Obama in a kitchen.  She has put her wallet or purse in a kitchen drawer but now as she is looking for it, it is gone. The scene shifts to an auditorium-like classroom.  I’m observing as if from “above”.  Obama is sitting in the audience but the speaker is addressing him.  I believe the […]

Malia Needs Dental Work

This was not a pleasant dream; it was tense.  I was somehow conscripted as a sort of temporary nanny help for Obama’s girls.  Malia had a serious dental problem that needed fixing  (I myself am in need of a bridge).  I was not able (allowed?) to take her to dentist, as it turned out,  I […]