I Just Know That He’s In Love With Me

I dreamed that Obama was in love with me. I don’t remember any concrete detail at all. In my dream, I just know that he’s in love with me, and I see him getting on a bus — but I’m not even sure I SEE him during the dream, maybe I’m just THINKING about him […]

A Picture with the Queen of England

I had attended some kind of elaborate world political event at Buckingham Palace with my family. I was standing in a room on an upper floor with large floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over an ornate garden where various world political figures were observing the Queen of England giving an important speech. After the speech was […]

She’s Angry at Obama about the Gulf, But He Treats Her Like a Gentleman

I dreamed that I was in some kind of hotel in some kind of social event and that Obama and I knew each other. He made arrangements to meet me in a hotel room where we spend a nice romantic night and he gave this beautiful Orange/Red $700 dress for me to wear the next day. He […]

The Lust Was Obvious

I lived above this classy bar with my mother and a few friends. One day we were all relaxing outside when I wandered off. I happened to run into Obama. We spent the day together and the lust was obvious. I later invited him up for dinner where my mother had made a veggie lasagne. […]

My Friend Cries When I Have Sex with Obama

“I had sex with Obama. I don’t remember if he was good, because my friend C. was crying her eyes out!” From a 35-year old Texas woman, an alcohol counselor, on Feb. 16, 2010. The dreamer said she wondered why her friend was so upset.  A very liberal person politically who is registered as an Independent, […]

Mike Tyson Takes the Bullet

I was outside and all of us were waiting for Barack Obama to come out and make a speech. It seemed like it was sometime during the Spring. There was a stage in front with a plastic backdrop behind the stage. I can’t remember if there was a podium. The chairs were all white fold […]