Obama Becomes a Very Shabby White Man

We are some students in a classroom and Mr. Obama is there sitting at the teacher’s desk. He is there to take us on a tour outside the school and he is waiting for the arrangements to be made. While he is sitting there students started to read him some poetry from Hafiz (a famous […]

In a Walmart Parking Lot

“Barack is talking to me in a Walmart parking lot.  I don’t remember the details of the conversation, but I can vividly remember his face.  Then he told me to get in a big camper or trailer and he started to drive up the street.  It was kind of busy on the road.  The funny […]

Reflections on Obama’s Dreams, August 17, 2008

“I am something of a dreamer”—so confesses Barack Obama in the closing pages of Dreams from My Father, the title of which signaled his strong interest in dreaming, both metaphorical and literal. He shared two of his own dreams in that book, each appearing at a key point in the story and each testifying to […]

Tomorrow we will revive the www.idreamofobama.com website, which carries forward the political dreams website founded in early 2008 by Sheila Heti (www.metaphysicalpoll.com).  We are interested in hearing new dreams about President Obama and ideas about their possible meanings, both personal and collective.   New posts will appear several times a week, usually a dream and brief reflections by Dr. […]