Good Government Has Prevailed

A pair of dreams from the same night (Nov. 8, 2009), separated by 2 others between them: 1) I am in a living room with a number of other people. We are watching a TV news program. There doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary, until the announcer reports that the Federal government […]

Tired Hillary, Energized Obama

I recently had a dream about Obama. The dream jumps from the White House, an airport, a park, a meeting room and a school. In all venues all I can see is his tall head talking and smiling. Around him, as in one unit, are two levels of men, clustered close to him, keeping him […]

I Was Obama’s Bodyguard

In my second dream I was Obama’s bodyguard.  I was guarding him while he was at ‘The Front.’  The front in the dream was a stage area from which Obama spoke to the people.  Obama began to walk through a walkway tunnel that leads to another building.  I proceeded to follow him.  I began to […]

In Jail with Obama

My first dream was that I was incarcerated with Obama.  The warden and the correction officers had plotted to kill Obama, and I had to make a moral decision to help him and risk death upon me, or do nothing.  I choose to help him, but as I got close to him to warn him […]

Downtrodden Hillary, Mystical Barack: An Analysis of the First 100 Dreams

             In April of 2008 I posted the following analysis of the first 100 dreams of Hillary Clinton and the first 100 of Barack Obama gathered on by Sheila Heti.  These findings will provide additional context when looking at future dreams posted here on this site.               People’s dreams of Hillary Clinton frequently show her […]

Obama the Mathematician

 I dream that I am in a mathematics classroom. Obama is the teacher. He’s got simple equations on the blackboard, but everyone in the room is calculating them incorrectly. I explain to him that I can’t make the numbers work correctly. He walks me through step by step. He tells me that some times people […]