Obama Becomes a Very Shabby White Man

We are some students in a classroom and Mr. Obama is there sitting at the teacher’s desk. He is there to take us on a tour outside the school and he is waiting for the arrangements to be made. While he is sitting there students started to read him some poetry from Hafiz (a famous Iranian poet) but he seems not to pay any attention or not to understand. I am a bit hurt because I expected him to listen. Then I think well, he does not understand the language. 

During all this something strange happens. Mr. Obama’s face changes. Sometimes he is not black any more. He is a very shabby white man; untidy, he has not shaved his face and has untidy hair.  I look at him and remember somebody told me in WR that he is showing dark spots on his face, mostly round his mouth. 

Next, finally the arrangements are made and we get on Mr Obama’s big car to go out for a tour. This building we are in is an old high building with many stairs. When we get into the car I think how are we going to go down all these stairs in a car? But then Mr Obama presses a button and all stairs change to slides and we go down very easily. And I think well, he is the president and he certianly knows things that we don’t!

From an Iranian woman in her 30’s, on October 31, 2009

Obama appears as a teacher not only in the U.S. but in other countries around the world.  As in the U.S., he raises their hopes of mutual respect and understanding, and in so doing sets them up for disappointment.  A theme running through many of the Obama dreams is the dreamer feeling a special bond with him but struggling to get his attention. 

In this dream, from a woman living in Tehran and observing American politics from an Iranian perspective, the disillusionment process seems to be expressed by the odd changes in skin color. Obama’s metamorphosis into a shabby white man suggests his fall in her eyes from an idealized world hero to an ordinary American politician.   When asked her views of Obama today, she says, “I must confess I am somehow disappointed. Though I completely understand he cannot do a miracle and he has to continue the American policy like before, yet maybe my inner me expected him to be a super human!” 

The poet Hafiz, well-known in Iran for his emotional eloquence, may refer to the woman’s belief that Obama needs to learn how to talk to “people’s hearts” if he wants to change the world for the better. 

She also says the dream may have been prompted by her uneasiness over Obama’s winning the Nobel Peace Prize: “Not that I think he did not deserve it, no, but I think there are other also who might “need” this prize. You know what I mean? not the money, but they need it politically.”

But he still has magic powers at his disposal, and the dreamer says she still likes Obama and feels sympathy for him.  The dream ends on a somewhat reassuring note, with a surprising reminder of Obama’s seemingly miraculous ability to get where he wants to go.

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