In a Walmart Parking Lot

“Barack is talking to me in a Walmart parking lot.  I don’t remember the details of the conversation, but I can vividly remember his face.  Then he told me to get in a big camper or trailer and he started to drive up the street.  It was kind of busy on the road.  The funny thing was it was just me and him and no Secret Service or anybody.  I can remember I felt special just being in his presence.”

From a 26-year old unemployed man in California

This dream came on September 22, 2009.  The young man said he’s struggling to get unemployment insurance from his previous job, and he’s currently awaiting the result of his appeal.  “I am a convicted felon, but if I could vote it would of been for Barack Obama.” 

The vivid imagery, positive emotion, and personal intimacy in this dream reflect the mystical qualities in many people’s dreams of Obama.  In this man’s case Obama appears in the most ordinary of settings—a Walmart parking lot.  It may be significant that the young man doesn’t go to Obama, but Obama goes to him, suggesting a spontaneous connection of the new President with the dreamer’s current life.

 The man had no particular associations to the camper or busy road.  We can speculate they might be metaphors for a transition, a journey, the path of life, but we can’t know for sure.  The core of the dream seems to be the presence of Obama, which gives the man a tangible feeling of acceptance and reassurance. 

 Dreams like this testify to the impact Obama has made on the American psyche.  Not all the dreams are so happy (later we will consider the nightmares Obama has generated), but many of the dreams about him arouse highly positive feelings that leave a lasting impression on people’s waking awareness.

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